Stone Sprite preorder

Stone Sprites BJD are back! 

Preorder will start on September 3rd and end on the 9th. 

1. Resin options and colors:

Resin options available in this preorder are opaque (250€) and clear resin (275€).

Standard colors for opaque resin are Light Grey, Dark Grey and Onyx:
                                             light grey
dark grey

However, custom colors are also available, most of them for the same price, so feel free to ask and I will do my best to try to make your dream stone sprite!

Standard  colors for clear resin are Amethyst and Emerald. However, custom colors are also available, so just let me know which color would you prefer.

2. Add ons: Make-up/blush
 a) Opaque resin dolls make up (+25€): Includes acrylic wash + dusting + small grass blades + faux moss. 
Acrylic wash and dusting can be done in three different tones: Brown-ish, Grey-ish or Green-ish: 

 b) Clear resin dolls make-up (15€): Includes acrylic wash matching the resin color and iridiscent powder accents.

3. Included in all orders

All dolls come with random colored 8mm glass eyes, a protective pillow and already sueded with hot glue in their joints.

4. Layaway:
Two-months layaway option is available. A first payment of the 50% of the total will be sent when placing the order, while the second 50% of the total will be sent within the following 30 days after the first payment is sent. Every installment is non-refundable.

5. Shipping:
Spain: 10€
International: 20€
Local pick-up (Madrid only): for free

6. Payment:
All international orders must be paid via paypal. I will send you a payment request once all details in your order have been arranged.
Bank transfer is also available for orders in Spain only.
All payments must be placed in Euros.

7. How to order:

All you have to do to place your order, is send an e-mail to from September 3rd to September 9th with the subject "Stone Sprite preorder" and including the followng information:

  • Type of resin: Opaque/clear & color
  • Make up preferences (Yes/No & which type in case you want make up)
  • Layaway (Yes/No)
  • Shipping adress (including your full name and telephone number for delivery purposes)
  • Paypal adress to send the invoice to.

8. Estimated delivery:
Finished dolls are expected to be shipped around late december - mid january. Blank dolls will be shipped first.

9. Other information about the dolls:

  • Height: 10,8cm
  • Head circunference: 13cm
  • Eyes size: 8mm (showing no sclera) or 6mm (showing a bit of sclera)
  • Neck circumference: 3cm
  • Chest circumference: 6cm
  • Waist circumference: 5,5cm
  • Hips circumference: 7,5cm
  • Shoulder to shoulder: 8,8cm
  • Tight circumference: 3,3cm
  • Calf circumference: 2,9cm
  • Arm circumference: 2,1cm
  • Torso lenght: 4cm
  • Arm lenght (hand included): 4,2cm
  • Legs lenght (without foot): 3,1cm
  • Foot lenght: 1,5cm